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Il servizio si prefigge di individuare comportamenti tipici dei ransomware quali, ad esempio, la cifratura di una...

Il servizio mostra una rappresentazione 3D del traffico di rete relativo ad attacchi ad una honeypot a Pisa. Inoltre,...

Il servizio offre la possibilità di cercare informazioni, note pubblicamente, relative a vulnerabilità di sicurezza...

Il servizio offre una piattaforma che consente ai Registrar di verificare eventuali problemi di performance e sicurezza...


Published Description
06-06-2019 16:29:02
Gallagher Command Centre before 7.80.939, 7.90.x before 7.90.961, and 8.x before 8.00.1128 allows arbitrary event creation and information disclosure via the FT Command Centre Service and FT Controller Service services.
06-06-2019 16:29:02
Anviz Global M3 Outdoor RFID Access Control executes any command received from any source. No authentication/encryption is done. Attackers can fully interact with the device: for example, send the "open door" command, download the users list (which includes RFID codes and passcodes in cleartext), or update/create users. The same attack can be executed on a local network and over the internet (if the device is exposed on a public IP address).
06-06-2019 15:29:00
Kyocera Command Center RX TASKalfa4501i and TASKalfa5052ci allows remote attackers to abuse the Test button in the machine address book to obtain a cleartext FTP or SMB password.
06-06-2019 15:29:00
Dell EMC OpenManage Server Administrator (OMSA) versions prior to and prior to contain an XML external entity (XXE) injection vulnerability. A remote unauthenticated attacker could potentially exploit this vulnerability to read arbitrary server system files by supplying specially crafted document type definitions (DTDs) in an XML request.
06-06-2019 15:29:00
On SOYAL AR-727H and AR-829Ev5 devices, all CGI programs allow unauthenticated POST access.