SPARTA Roadmap - Feedback/Grading

Dear SPARTA friend,

The Spartan Roadmap Committee is actively preparing the release of the SPARTA SRI Roadmap V2. The comprehensive approach of creating the SPARTA roadmap involved curating cybersecurity challenges from the SPARTA network. Similarly, for updating the SPARTA roadmap, we rely on expertise input from SPARTA partners, associates, and friends. This time, we would like to ask you to prioritize each roadmap challenge. Based on your input, we will compile and attach a guideline in the SPARTA roadmap, that interested stakeholders from within the EU could use to devise an overarching order/priority for addressing cybersecurity challenges when shaping European cybersecurity research. Therefore, for our next roadmap iteration, we would be happy to get your feedback on the proposed SPARTA challenges!

For additional questions or input, please contact us at roadmap(at)