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Published Description
06-02-2021 01:15:00
There is an out-of-bound read vulnerability in Mate 30 A module does not verify the some input when dealing with messages. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by sending malicious input through specific module. This could cause out-of-bound, compromising normal service.
06-02-2021 01:15:00
There is a pointer double free vulnerability in Taurus-AL00A There is a lack of muti-thread protection when a function is called. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by performing malicious operation to cause pointer double free. This may lead to module crash, compromising normal service.
06-02-2021 01:15:00
Persistent Cross-Site scripting vulnerability in Micro Focus Application Performance Management product, affecting versions 9.40, 9.50 and 9.51. The vulnerability could allow persistent XSS attack.
06-02-2021 00:15:00
OPPO Android Phone with MTK chipset and Android 8.1/9/10/11 versions have an information leak vulnerability. The “adb shell getprop ro.vendor.aee.enforcing” or “adb shell getprop ro.vendor.aee.enforcing” return no.
06-02-2021 00:15:00
A flaw was found in the default configuration of dnsmasq, as shipped with Fedora versions prior to 31 and in all versions Red Hat Enterprise Linux, where it listens on any interface and accepts queries from addresses outside of its local subnet. In particular, the option `local-service` is not enabled. Running dnsmasq in this manner may inadvertently make it an open resolver accessible from any address on the internet. This flaw allows an attacker to conduct a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) against other systems.