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Published Description
26-12-2020 02:15:00
GNOME gdk-pixbuf (aka GdkPixbuf) before 2.42.2 allows a denial of service (infinite loop) in lzw.c in the function write_indexes. if c->self_code equals 10, self->code_table[10].extends will assign the value 11 to c. The next execution in the loop will assign self->code_table[11].extends to c, which will give the value of 10. This will make the loop run infinitely. This bug can, for example, be triggered by calling this function with a GIF image with LZW compression that is crafted in a special way.
26-12-2020 00:15:00
Esri ArcGIS Server before 10.8 is vulnerable to SSRF in some configurations.
25-12-2020 23:15:00
An issue has been discovered in the arc-swap crate before 0.4.8 (and 1.x before 1.1.0) for Rust. Use of arc_swap::access::Map with the Constant test helper (or with a user-supplied implementation of the Access trait) could sometimes lead to dangling references being returned by the map.
25-12-2020 19:15:00
bloofoxCMS allows admins to upload arbitrary .php files (with "Content-Type: application/octet-stream") to ../media/images/ via the admin/index.php?mode=tools&page=upload URI, aka directory traversal.
25-12-2020 19:15:00
Parallels Remote Application Server (RAS) 18 allows remote attackers to discover an intranet IP address because submission of the login form (even with blank credentials) provides this address to the attacker's client for use as a "host" value. In other words, after an attacker's web browser sent a request to the login form, it would automatically send a second request to a RASHTML5Gateway/ URI with something like "host":"192.168.###.###" in the POST data.