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Published Description
30-09-2018 11:29:00
In blynk-server in Blynk before 0.39.7, Directory Traversal exists via a ../ in a URI that has /static or /static/js at the beginning, as demonstrated by reading the /etc/passwd file.
29-09-2018 15:29:00
Telegram Desktop (aka tdesktop) 1.3.14, and Telegram WP8.1 on Windows, leaks end-user public and private IP addresses during a call because of an unsafe default behavior in which P2P connections are accepted from clients outside of the My Contacts list.
29-09-2018 13:29:00
Foxit PhantomPDF and Reader before 9.3 allow remote attackers to trigger Uninitialized Object Information Disclosure because creation of ArrayBuffer and DataView objects is mishandled.
28-09-2018 17:29:00
PCProtect Anti-Virus v4.8.35 has "Everyone: (F)" permission for %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%\PCProtect, which allows local users to gain privileges by replacing an executable file with a Trojan horse.
28-09-2018 16:29:01
For some Iomega, Lenovo, LenovoEMC NAS devices versions 4.1.402.34662 and earlier, the password changing functionality available to authenticated users does not require the user's current password to set a new one. As a result, attackers with access to the user's session tokens can change their password and retain access to the user's account