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Published Description
30-01-2019 17:29:00
An exploitable out-of-bounds read vulnerability exists in the handling of certain XFA element attributes of Foxit Software's PDF Reader version A specially crafted PDF document can trigger an out-of-bounds read, which can disclose sensitive memory content and aid in exploitation when coupled with another vulnerability. An attacker needs to trick the user to open the malicious file to trigger this vulnerability. If the browser plugin extension is enabled, visiting a malicious site can also trigger the vulnerability.
30-01-2019 17:29:00
In Apache HTTP Server 2.4 release 2.4.37 and prior, mod_session checks the session expiry time before decoding the session. This causes session expiry time to be ignored for mod_session_cookie sessions since the expiry time is loaded when the session is decoded.
30-01-2019 17:29:00
In Apache HTTP server versions 2.4.37 and prior, by sending request bodies in a slow loris way to plain resources, the h2 stream for that request unnecessarily occupied a server thread cleaning up that incoming data. This affects only HTTP/2 (mod_http2) connections.
30-01-2019 17:29:00
A bug exists in the way mod_ssl handled client renegotiations. A remote attacker could send a carefully crafted request that would cause mod_ssl to enter a loop leading to a denial of service. This bug can be only triggered with Apache HTTP Server version 2.4.37 when using OpenSSL version 1.1.1 or later, due to an interaction in changes to handling of renegotiation attempts.
30-01-2019 16:29:00
An issue was discovered in idreamsoft iCMS 7.0.13. admincp.php?app=apps&do=save allows directory traversal via _app=/../ to designate an arbitrary directory because of an apps.admincp.php error. This directory can then be deleted via an admincp.php?app=apps&do=uninstall request.