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Published Description
28-07-2020 21:15:00
NCP Secure Enterprise Client before 10.15 r47589 allows a symbolic link attack on enumusb.reg via Support Assistant.
28-07-2020 21:15:00
Concrete5 before 8.5.3 allows Unrestricted Upload of File with Dangerous Type such as a .phar file.
28-07-2020 21:15:00
In Shopware before 6.2.3, the database password is leaked to an unauthenticated user when a DriverException occurs and verbose error handling is enabled.
28-07-2020 19:15:00
In imap_scan_tree_recursive in Claws Mail through 3.17.6, a malicious IMAP server can trigger stack consumption because of unlimited recursion into subdirectories during a rebuild of the folder tree.
28-07-2020 18:15:00
This vulnerability allows network-adjacent attackers to bypass authentication on affected installations of NETGEAR R6700 V1.0.4.84_10.0.58 routers. Although authentication is required to exploit this vulnerability, the existing authentication mechanism can be bypassed. The specific flaw exists within the UPnP service, which listens on TCP port 5000 by default. The issue results from the lack of proper validation of the length of user-supplied data prior to copying it to a fixed-length, stack-based buffer. An attacker can leverage this vulnerability to execute code in the context of root. Was ZDI-CAN-9643.