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Published Description
30-11-2018 14:29:00
Data Center Expert, versions 7.5.0 and earlier, allows for the upload of a zip file from its user interface to the server. A carefully crafted, malicious file could be mistakenly uploaded by an authenticated user via this feature which could contain path traversal file names. As such, it could allow for the arbitrary upload of files contained with the zip onto the server file system outside of the intended directory. This is leveraging the more commonly known ZipSlip vulnerability within Java code.
30-11-2018 13:29:00
VT-Designer Version is vulnerable by the program reading the contents of a file (which is already in memory) into another heap-based buffer, which may cause the program to crash or allow remote code execution.
30-11-2018 13:29:00
A local privilege escalation vulnerability has been identified in the SwitchVPN client 2.1012.03 for macOS. Due to over-permissive configuration settings and a SUID binary, an attacker is able to execute arbitrary binaries as root.
30-11-2018 13:29:00
Android 1.0 through 9.0 has Insecure Permissions. The Android bug ID is 77286983.
30-11-2018 13:29:00
In modules/HELPBOT_MODULE in Budabot 0.6 through 4.0, lax syntax validation allows remote attackers to perform a command injection attack against the PHP daemon with a crafted command, resulting in a denial of service or possibly unspecified other impact, as demonstrated by the "!calc 5 x 5" command. In versions before 3.0, modules/HELPBOT_MODULE/calc.php has the vulnerable code; in 3.0 and above, modules/HELPBOT_MODULE/HelpbotController.class.php has the vulnerable code.