The service offers a platform that allows Registrars to check for any performance and security problems present on...

The main goal of the tool is to provide a simple and quick tool for cyber risk self-assessment. The tool requires two...

This service analyses sets of email file in .eml format to identify the unsolicited ones (SPAM). Moreover, the service...

An onthology represents an important resource for the organisation of a domain's knowledge in a more detailed way by...


Published Description
17-11-2020 22:15:00
An improper file permissions vulnerability affects Kata Containers prior to 1.11.5. When using a Kubernetes hostPath volume and mounting either a file or directory into a container as readonly, the file/directory is mounted as readOnly inside the container, but is still writable inside the guest. For a container breakout situation, a malicious guest can potentially modify or delete files/directories expected to be read-only.
17-11-2020 21:15:00
An issue was discovered in Aviatrix Controller before R6.0.2483. Several APIs contain functions that allow arbitrary files to be uploaded to the web tree.
17-11-2020 21:15:00
An Arbitrary File Upload in the Upload Image component in SourceCodester Online Library Management System 1.0 allows the user to conduct remote code execution via admin/borrower/index.php?view=add because .php files can be uploaded to admin/borrower/photos (under the web root).
17-11-2020 21:15:00
An issue was discovered in Aviatrix Controller before R5.4.1290. The htaccess protection mechanism to prevent requests to directories can be bypassed for file downloading.
17-11-2020 21:15:00
The web application of Kyocera printer (ECOSYS M2640IDW) is affected by Stored XSS vulnerability, discovered in the addition a new contact in "Machine Address Book". Successful exploitation of this vulnerability can lead to session hijacking of the administrator in the web application or the execution of unwanted actions