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Published Description
06-02-2021 02:15:00
There is a local privilege escalation vulnerability in some Huawei products. A local, authenticated attacker could craft specific commands to exploit this vulnerability. Successful exploitation may cause the attacker to obtain a higher privilege. Affected product versions include: ManageOne versions 6.5.0,6.5.0.SPC100.B210,,,,,6.5.1.SPC100.B050,6.5.1.SPC101.B010,6.5.1.SPC101.B040,6.5.1.SPC200,6.5.1.SPC200.B010,6.5.1.SPC200.B030,6.5.1.SPC200.B040,6.5.1.SPC200.B050,6.5.1.SPC200.B060,6.5.1.SPC200.B070,6.5.1RC1.B060,6.5.1RC2.B020,6.5.1RC2.B030,6.5.1RC2.B040,6.5.1RC2.B050,6.5.1RC2.B060,6.5.1RC2.B070,6.5.1RC2.B080,6.5.1RC2.B090,6.5.RC2.B050,8.0.0,8.0.0-LCND81,8.0.0.SPC100,8.0.1,8.0.RC2,8.0.RC3,8.0.RC3.B041,8.0.RC3.SPC100; NFV_FusionSphere versions 6.5.1.SPC23,8.0.0.SPC12; SMC2.0 versions V600R019C00,V600R019C10; iMaster MAE-M versions MAE-TOOL(FusionSphereBasicTemplate_Euler_X86)V100R020C10SPC220.
06-02-2021 02:15:00
There is an insufficient integrity check vulnerability in Huawei Sound X Product. The system does not check certain software package's integrity sufficiently. Successful exploit could allow an attacker to load a crafted software package to the device. Affected product versions include:AIS-BW80H-00 versions,,,,,,,,
06-02-2021 02:15:00
There has a CSV injection vulnerability in ManageOne 8.0.1. An attacker with common privilege may exploit this vulnerability through some operations to inject the CSV files. Due to insufficient input validation of some parameters, the attacker can exploit this vulnerability to inject CSV files to the target device.
06-02-2021 01:15:00
There is an out-of-bound read vulnerability in Mate 30 A module does not verify the some input when dealing with messages. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by sending malicious input through specific module. This could cause out-of-bound, compromising normal service.
06-02-2021 01:15:00
There is a pointer double free vulnerability in Taurus-AL00A There is a lack of muti-thread protection when a function is called. Attackers can exploit this vulnerability by performing malicious operation to cause pointer double free. This may lead to module crash, compromising normal service.


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