The service aims at offering a representation of the  Cybersecurity domain through the creation of a controlled...

The service shows a 3D representation of network traffic related to attacks on a honeypot in Pisa. In addition, the...

This service analyses sets of email file in .eml format to identify the unsolicited ones (SPAM). Moreover, the service...

The service analyzes a DNS request log and detects if there are domain names which can be generated by a Domain...


Published Description
16-09-2020 20:15:00
CodeMeter (All versions prior to 6.90 when using CmActLicense update files with CmActLicense Firm Code) has an issue in the license-file signature checking mechanism, which allows attackers to build arbitrary license files, including forging a valid license file as if it were a valid license file of an existing vendor. Only CmActLicense update files with CmActLicense Firm Code are affected.
16-09-2020 20:15:00
A stored XSS vulnerability exists in the Custom Link Attributes control Affect function in Elementor Page Builder 2.9.2 and earlier versions. It is caused by inadequate filtering on the link custom attributes.
16-09-2020 20:15:00
Protocol encryption can be easily broken for CodeMeter (All versions prior to 6.90 are affected, including Version 6.90 or newer only if CodeMeter Runtime is running as server) and the server accepts external connections, which may allow an attacker to remotely communicate with the CodeMeter API.
16-09-2020 20:15:00
A DNS rebinding vulnerability in Freebox HD before 1.5.29.
16-09-2020 20:15:00
This vulnerability allows an attacker to use the internal WebSockets API for CodeMeter (All versions prior to 7.00 are affected, including Version 7.0 or newer with the affected WebSockets API still enabled. This is especially relevant for systems or devices where a web browser is used to access a web server) via a specifically crafted Java Script payload, which may allow alteration or creation of license files for when combined with CVE-2020-14515.